PP jumbo bag/big bag/bulk sack/container bag/FIBC bag

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The Bulk bag / Ton bag, also called container bag, is widely used in today’s society, but we suggest that customers can consult us when purchasing, because each customer’s use scenario is different, the indicators and requirements of the bag are also different. For the sake of your cost and use effect, you should consult with us first before purchasing. The size and thickness of the ton bag can be customized according to the requirements, in addition, some outdoor environments have higher requirements for UV protection and sunlight compared with ordinary ton bags,then it need to add antioxidants, so that they can be used in the outdoors.

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Bulk Container bag products are widely used, especially for packing bulk cement, food, chemical raw materials, feed, starch, minerals and other powder, granular objects, and even dangerous goods such as calcium carbide, loading and unloading, transportation, storage, are very convenient. Container bag products are in the rising stage of development, especially in the form of one ton, tray (a tray in a container bag, or four) container bags.

Detailed Information-What Kind Of Big Bag We Can Make For You?

Name PP woven bag-Ton bag-Big bag-Container bag- Jumbo bag-FIBC bag
Raw Material 100% new polypropylene for the outer bag and LDPE for liner bag
Shape Square /Circular/U-panel or as customer’s request
Features Breathable,UV-resistance,Shock resistance,moisture-proof, water proof, dust-proof etc.
Color Yellow/White/Black/Green in common or as customer’s request
Size The width from 80cm to 115cm, lengh as customer’s request
Top type Full open, top skirt/buffle top/filling spout
Weave 14x14,14X15, 15X15 or can be customized
Denier 700D to 1500D
Weight/m2 120gsm to 250 gsm
Treatment 2% UV to 3% UV treated or as customer's requirement
SWL 500kgs- 3000kgs
Safety factor 4:1 /5:1/6:1
Loop 2 or 4 belts,cross corner/side-seam/fully belted loop or as requested
Ropes 1 or 2 around the bag body, or under customer’s requirement
Bottom type  With spout/flat bottom or as request

Bag Type for your choosing

Except the below types,we can make big bag customized,you can send us your drawing for our reference or send us your bag samples,we can produce it according to yours.

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